Nobody Likes You When You're 23.

"Wait, What?"


It’s true, nobody actually likes you when you’re 23. Here’s a list of uncomfortable things I’ve learned in 1 month of being 23.

  1. You’re too “graduated” for your college friends. Sure it’s great to hang out every once in a while, go out for drinks or run into them at the bar on the weekends, but for the most part, their lives revolve around school, school friends and campus life. Nothing that you’re really welcome to unless it’s an Alumni function. Not to say that you don’t love all your college friends dearly, you just don’t want to be that person that people question if you graduated or not.
  2. You’re not “career” enough for your older friends. By now, most of the older people you know are either in grad school, living the “college friend” life still, or they’re working full time far away from you. I, personally…

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2 thoughts on “Nobody Likes You When You're 23.

  1. But you’re not 23 or at least I don’t think you’re 23. I think you are in your late 20s or early 30s if I remember correctly.

    And by the way- message me because I want to say hi as in a real hi like we know each other. I think, if I’m- decreeing, no that’s not the right word nor the right spelling. If I’m deferring- no that’s not the right word either. Grrr…I can’t think of the- oh yeah here it is: Infering from the tid bits of info you post. I think I know you if I’m infering correctly. Wait a sec- that doesn’t sound right either. Grrr…this is so not cool. Anyways- post on my wp account or message me if there’s a way to message people.


    • I JUST figured out how to get into my old wordpress account. I never saw these. Sorry!! Anyway, based on your comments, I think we’re both inferring incorrectly. Maybe we were there at the same time anyway. I was there from July 2008 – September. When were you there? Nonetheless, I hope you’re doing well!


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