Now You Want to Help

There is no grand revelation here. I’m just posting so I don’t say anything I’ll regret out loud or message friends in distress because that passes my stress onto them.

So, my dad just went to Walgreens and asked for my prescription so that he could drop it off for me. I didn’t want to give it to him because dropping off my prescriptions and handling my medications was one of the things my mom brought up yesterday.

NOW they want to help me stay medicated and in treatment (later yesterday my mom mentioned finding a new therapist). A couple weeks ago I wanted their help paying for treatment and they refused because they wanted me in a higher level of care than I wanted. Too late, I don’t want their help staying well.

Bullshit_Olivia_ Fringe

My dad is out of town 90% of the year. He is in town this week. I’m mad about that because it means I can’t B/P on my time off.

I cut because of those 2 things and because I was so wrapped up caring about Facebook *likes* that I didn’t even realize the meaning behind my friend’s pictures. Now my comments are redundant because a bunch of people commented. That reminds me that I’m a crappy friend.


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