As I mentioned before, my boss is trying to lose weight. She started running this week. She posts daily about her runs on Facebook. Yesterday was 1 mile. Today was 2.5 miles. People are congratulating her. I feel fat because I don’t exercise. I also feel jealous. I wonder what would happen if I posted about my weight loss on Facebook? I just ate some ice cream (420 calories worth) and I’m full. That is a big purging trigger for me. I was going to distract myself on Facebook, but now I’m thinking, “Screw it, I’ll make them talk about me.” Off to get dressed so I can vote. May or may not purge. *sigh*

Oddly, Ginny runs marathons and that doesn’t bother me. It might be because she has run the entire time I’ve known her or because she runs for fun, coping, and exercise, NOT weight loss.

I GUESS I could start running too, but it reminds of how out of shape I am. I realize the only way to get in shape is to exercise,  but in the meantime, it makes me feel worse about myself. Also, I hate people seeing me exercise.


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