Coping Skills Breakthrough

Today was MUCH better. I didn’t purposefully self-injure at work. I caught myself absentmindedly SIing 5 times.

I was with the same student all day today. He was epic!! He earned a desk break and wanted to sleep on the bean bag. I said no because it was a desk break. He started cursing, but stayed safe. Eventually he started crying, which made me sad because I’ve never seen him cry. He said a family member is sick and he got no sleep because he was at the hospital. He went to the sensory room. He stayed safe until half way through lunch, which is when I said he could have the bean bag back, if he was safe.

In the afternoon, we had Music, instead of Social Skills. He hated that. He tried to go to the Quiet Room, but had to leave because another child was in crisis and needed the QR. So, then he went to the sensory room. It was escape motivated, but my boss said to let him chill in the afternoon anyway. Then he went to the sensory room and talked to me about his family member. I am incredibly proud of him!

After that, he initiated conversation with me on break, which is new.

Also, after lunch he didn’t curse. It was almost like he got it out of his system.

I think he wants everyone to think he doesn’t care about anything. Cursing over the bean bag, but later opening up, along with being helpful makes me think that. I swept while the students wrote this afternoon. I asked him to pick up his feet and he did without a flippant comment. A few minutes later he moved a desk so I could get under it and then picked up his jacket when I got near that. But when I said thank you, he tried to grab the broom from me!

Edited to Add: I confirmed I get angry when people don’t take data correctly because I want the behaviorist to have meaningful information, not because I always need to be right. I had a few questions about data because I thought some co-workers recorded behaviors incorrectly. It turned out I was wrong. Before talking to my boss, I wanted to self-injure. After clarifying, even though I was wrong and told my co-workers I was wrong, I felt better. The urge disappeared. So, I feel better about myself because that is a better motive than wanting to always be right.


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