Cards and Concerts

I went to a concert with Ginny last night. It was a blast! In fact, I enjoyed it more than I expected. I let myself get lost in the excitement all around me. It was great!! Of course, I was exhausted at work today. We spontaneously bought tickets to a concert in September, which made me feel as though she genuinely likes hanging out with me. But now she says she can’t go. The voice in my head is taking that, jumping up and down, and screaming, “SEE?! She doesn’t like you. She feels sorry for you. She never asks you to do anything, but she hangs out in Ashley’s room in the mornings.” Ashley is the person who got the promotion that I applied for. However, another classroom supervisor (Barb) is supposed to leave soon and my boss said she is giving me the position without more interviews.

Since I was so tired, I didn’t restrict. I knew I needed to do whatever I could to stay awake and decrease my reaction time. That seemed to make my boss and Ginny happy.

The school day started off with a few hands of Blackjack, lol! I worked with the same kid I had a breakthrough with earlier this week. He was great! No behaviors, other than some cursing. He engaged in lessons and was mostly respectful. We bonded more over Marvel vs. DC comics and travel. Barb got him his own sensory bin because he accidentally broke a few things in the classroom sensory/ coping skill bin. There are some neat things in his bin. I want some of them; they kept me from self-injuring!

Heather asked my opinion this afternoon and Ashley asked for my help. That made me feel useful. Tomorrow they are both off work and so is my boss. Uh oh!


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