Realizations and Real Friends

I feel guilty because I found out there are some serious problems going on for Ginny. Now I feel like a bitch for complaining the other day. I didn’t say anything to her about it, of course. However, I feel guilty for thinking that she didn’t care about me

On the way home it occurred to me that the voice was clearly wrong about Ginny twice this week and circumstances irrefutably proved my paranoia wrong. I was jealous seeing Ginny hanging out with the girl who got the promotion I applied for a few months ago. I thought it meant she liked that girl better or thought she did a better as a classroom supervisor than I did when I filled in for someone on maternity leave because Ginny never hung out in my room during those months. However, it turned out Ginny has specific work related things to talk about. Then I thought she said she couldn’t go to the new concert because she truly didn’t want to go with me. Now I know there are exigent circumstances. Therefore, maybe what The Voice says about  me isn’t always right. Consequently, I don’t always have to do what it says. Sometimes I don’t, but not listening to urges has more merit if I don’t deserve pain.

Supernatural Bobby SHHH


I applied to another study and didn’t get in again. What a great feeling. My depression is TOO resistant to get into treatment resistant depression  studies! Wtf?


5 thoughts on “Realizations and Real Friends

  1. Therapy helped and I was reminded of the term “the anxious mind.”
    Which is basically a nice term for that lying, backstabbing voice in our minds that make us feel like garbage.
    Love t Bobby GIF!
    Reading about these studies scare me a bit because it makes me concerned about what’s on the market. I feel like there should be easily accessible details about who was used that way you’d know if it’s even worth a shot.
    Are you a fan of John Oliver? He did one on studies that is hilarious but touches on that point.
    I suspect that they know the drugs limits and need the funding so they’re going to select people will help them prove their hypothesis. Not fair, not scientific!

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