How to NOT feel left out

If you have the answer, TELL ME! Oh my fucking God. I always feel left out. Ginny talks to someone else in the morning? My boss walks into an all staff meeting laughing with other co-workers? I’m pathetic. I’ve been part of a pro-ana Facebook group for 4 years and for the past 2 years I only post occasionally. Today I looked at the group and saw people made a new Facebook chat group for a weight loss competition and I immediately felt left out even though I hadn’t posted in the group for 3 weeks.

Firefly_Saffron eye roll


4 thoughts on “How to NOT feel left out

  1. I wish I knew! Do you have a therapist you trust?
    I’ve found role playing and reminding myself that I’m liked ( I used to keep a list of nice things people did or said) helped me.
    I don’t understand anorexia very well but this pro group posting about weight loss doesn’t seem to be encouraging the direction you were aiming for I.e less purging and SI.

    Stay safe

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