Monday Madness

I worked with the down syndrome boy again. He was cute and non-compliant, as usual.

It was fine, nothing good or bad.

My boss agreed that people are too easy on the screaming student. She made the call to remove him for being disruptive today. I said, I think people are trying to distract (Ex. *child screaming because he doesn’t want to write one more sentence* “John, I love your shirt!”) or talk him out of screaming.  In the past, we immediately cued him to use a coping skill, not try to talk him out of screaming because he’d calm down for a moment, but then work himself back up again (kind of like me!!). Therefore, it was pointless to try to reason with him. More often than not, it didn’t work. She said it sometimes works now. Apparently, sometimes is sufficient? She also thinks people are confused about what to do when whining becomes screaming because we’re not supposed to remove him for being disruptive unless his tone is above conversational level and his whining tends to oscillate between whining and screaming.

Fringe_Peter hit head bang

Ginny says if I say something and they change things months later to fit what I say, I should internally roll my eyes and shake my head, not get angry or feel ignored. But I DO feel ignored. How else am I supposed to feel when I say something and it is ignored, but then they decide to do the same thing I suggested a few weeks down the road? I’m actually not mad right now; I’m flummoxed.

I’m going to start seeing my psychiatrist twice a week until this crisis is over. Yay. At least, I’m not in the hospital. I thought I would be hospitalized. Granted, I wasn’t brutally honest. I talked about pills and how I got rid of them, but not what I’ve done since then. Oops. The look of my psychiatrist’s face scared me. I don’t want to be hospitalized and I knew he was close to making that call.


Edited to add: My mom is out tonight. I binged, but haven’t purged (and don’t really plan on it). I’m intentionally messaging Ginny less. I never get to see her at work now days. I’m messaging her less because I don’t want to bother her or continue being a burden. I don’t want to be a drag. I figure, if she wants to continue a conversation, she can do that. I don’t have to change the subject in order to keep the thread going. Granted, she probably hasn’t noticed because I still message her a lot. :p But I’m trying to be a better friend.


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