The Day We All Used Coping Skills

That moment when you get off work and realize you only had one self-injury urge all day:

Olivia_laughing about ella

My day was nice. I held my tongue when Ashley did something I wouldn’t do. Serendipitously, my boss walked in and told her the same thing I was thinking.

I was with the screaming student. He did well. I’m hesitating now because I don’t want to take him out of class too early. I think I did fine and he was awesome! He walked out of class to pick a coping skill and eventually went back to class. Earlier in the day, he chose to do a non-preferred academic task on BREAK because he knew he was leaving early today.

In the afternoon, I was supposed to be with one of the kids with fewer behaviors, but I ended up with the kid who said he hated me and who is now with Ashley every day until he is safe all day. Although, my boss said she’d put someone else with him tomorrow, even though he wasn’t safe… AND he knows that was the expectation. I don’t like that because they told him he had to be safe all day in order to get a new staff. Oh well. Being with him was nice because we’re always going, going, going. Either he is high energy on break or needs help in class or has behaviors.

I picked a bad day to restrict. I thought I was safe to restrict because I was staffed with a kid who I don’t restrain because he is too big. 9 times out of 10, he has not behaviors, but if he has aggression, we call more than one guy. So, I restricted and I chose poorly. I ended up transporting the student who was with Ashley because he tried to run away. Later he walked to the Quiet Room by himself.

I’m still working on my WRAP and coping skill list, but I’m going to a play tonight.

Oh! We have a new student starting tomorrow! We’ll be down staff because our new hires don’t start until next week. I’m disappointed I don’t get to be with him, but the classroom supervisor in his room and my boss will be with him tomorrow. That makes sense. I’m still disappointed though. I’m also still paranoid I did something wrong because she put me with the last new student for a week and never again (until it happened accidently today).


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