Pathological Liars

A co-worker (Mark) got caught in a strange and potentially serious lie today.

He worked in the after school program adjacent to, but not affiliated with, the school. One of our students goes there some week days. Mark said he met our student’s parents when they picked up the student and they asked him to babysit. That was months ago. Since then, Mark told us about various times when he babysat for the boy at home. Mark went so far as to tell us about his bedroom and that his dad chewed tobacco. Today his mom came to school for an IEP meeting. My boss was chatting with Mom while they watched him play. Mark was outside with his student on break and my boss said something like, “Oh look. There is Mark!”

Mom said, “Who?”

“You know, Mark. The guy who babysat him a few times.” My boss replied, pointing out Mark.

Mom looked puzzled and said she didn’t know him and had never heard of him.

LotS_Cara can't believe your stupidity

WEIRD! Everyone is confused now. My entire concept of Mark is thrown into chaos. I don’t know what to think about him or what to believe.


7 thoughts on “Pathological Liars

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