Chaos in the Special Education Classroom

I am extremely frustrated!!

Music class was a disaster! Mark and Ashley talked about how often you need to get STD tested based on how many people you sleep with.

spie annoyed rolling eye

Everyone’s direction was to write down the song you want to listen to. John started whining, so staff wrote for him. They’re trying to avoid behaviors and not even prompting him to ask appropriately! Two of my co-workers were chatting and placating him. One of them was assigned to Cory, but she totally ignored him. Many other staff, me included, gave Cory directions. She was so oblivious that she went over checks (the kids earn break by keeping a safe body, following directions, and doing their work) and gave them all to him. Mark was his second staff and he paid attention. Therefore, Mark knew Cory didn’t get his full break because he didn’t follow directions. He had behaviors when he had to go over checks again. He should be able to accept that adults make mistakes too, but the point is that Music was a clusterfuck.

Gage was kicking the bookshelf hard and pushed Ron away, but his staff only prompted him to stop. Pushing IS aggression even if it isn’t “hard” enough to push someone over. They did not remove him. He even swiped at his staff with a book when she gave him a direction. A different co-worker tried to tell his staff that he needed to leave, but his staff said the swiping wasn’t hard. Ron was taking things away from Gage and no one did anything. Their 3 staff talked amongst themselves while those 2 antagonized each other.

I stepped in with Cory, but not with Gage because his plan changed. On one hand, I know his actions were unacceptable. On the other hand, I got in trouble for overstepping my bounds. Consequently, I said nothing. Nonetheless, I read the new plan and no one was following it. I also did not step in with Ron because I’ve never worked with him.

The only adult who did not annoy me was the new girl who was just watching quietly.

My psychiatrist forgot my appointment. He mentioned the hospital again. He said he can’t sleep at night. My mom often says he has my best interest at heart because he doesn’t just hospitalize me when it is easier for him to do that. I want to cut right now and I planned to sprint up and down the stairs, but my idiot father is still in town. Therefore, I won’t be alone and I can’t explain why I’m running without admitting I’m dealing with urges.



7 thoughts on “Chaos in the Special Education Classroom

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