Bulimia, Buffets, and Social Skills

I think Ginny is distancing herself from me again. I’m not entirely sure why, other than I’m inherently annoying. Last time, I knew it was because my decision to fast during the winery weekend drove a wedge between us. She didn’t go to lunch. I’m considering asking if she is avoiding me again. On one hand, I don’t like showing my paranoia. On the other hand, she said she doesn’t like having to read between the lines. She appreciated overt communication.

Anyway, back to lunch… I didn’t see the O.T. therapist or the new BCBA. I saw the BCaBA duck out before all the kids left for the day. Therefore, I assumed she wanted to be alone. Both Ashley and Heather asked me to go to the Chinese buffet with them. However, the group they accompanied was larger than my regular lunch group. I stopped going with my regular group because it was too large. Therefore, joining the other, larger, group defeats the purpose. Plus, I didn’t want to go to a buffet. I’m doing really well with binging and purging. Bulimia and buffets don’t mix well.

Since neither Ginny, nor my boss were at the meeting, we did online learning modules. One was on Autism Spectrum Disorders and Social Skills. A lot of it applied to me! I wish I’d had social skills classes as a kid. I received special education services because of my nonverbal learning disability and fine motor issues.

I’m house sitting until the 26th. That means if I called off work for Friday, no one would expect to see me until Monday. *evil thoughts* I’ll be relatively safe though because the people I’m house sitting for have 2 dogs and if I die, they’ll die.

It also means I have no one who expects me to eat until the 26th and I didn’t eat lunch today because I didn’t need energy for the kids since they have a half day on Wednesdays.



2 thoughts on “Bulimia, Buffets, and Social Skills

  1. I’m really late to this but please eat.
    It’s funny the impact pets can have on making us stay safe.

    Good luck with Ginny! It can be a host of things not related to you but if you feel better checking in you should.

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    • I did. My natural drive to eat took over.

      Yes, it Is a curious, but wonderful, thing.

      I think I was overanalyzing, but we’ll see. Her responsiveness is variable. Consequently, I’m not sure if she is avoiding me or busy. I’m feeling a little better about it. However, if the trend continues, I will ask.

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