How Do I Make Friends?!

That was a spectacular failure. Ginny wouldn’t let me out of my promise. Damn my personal code of ethics. I can lie all day long, to everyone around me about my eating disorder symptoms, but there are certain lines I won’t cross.

I find it harder to lie when presented with a direct question such as, “Did you eat lunch today?”, as opposed to “What did you have for lunch?”

I made a concrete promise and I can’t go back on my promise because that would be wrong. Plus, if I do, she will feel responsible for my death. She will always second guess her decision not to just drive me to the ER that day. If I call her and she can’t talk me out of it, she will also feel guilty. As a result, I am stuck. I wish I’d never told her or given her the pills because now she is involved. I wish I’d never told her about my eating disorder. I don’t even think she likes me. I think she feels sorry for me, yet I feel a bond with her. If I’d never told her about my eating disorder, we’d never talk about serious things. I wouldn’t feel tethered to anyone at work. no friends

How can I feel lonely, left out and friendless, but at the same time, wish I had no friends?

I guess I feel like I have friends, but I have no friends who care about me as much as I care about them. I have no close friends, no one who would drop everything for me in an emergency or miss me everyday if I disappeared. No one initiates social contact with ME. I might be an afterthought in a group, but I am not specifically wanted. I think none of the my friendships are reciprocal and close knit. I wish I either had zero friends or close friends.

What I should do is invite the people I care about to do things with me. I do that sometimes, but not on a regular basis, or I’ll make vague plans (Ex. let’s go to the comedy club this month), but not follow through…But then I feel as though, if anyone liked me, they’d invite ME to do things as well! Of course, people have invited me to do things after work and I always said no. BUT AGAIN, I was an afterthought. At the same time, how can I be anything but an afterthought if I know no one?

I looked into again, but the thought of showing up to a meeting with a bunch of strangers, even strangers who enjoy the same things, terrifies me. On the other hand, if I didn’t go meet them, I’d never know them anyway. Therefore, their judgment is immaterial.

*sigh* I actually dressed and showered today!


3 thoughts on “How Do I Make Friends?!

  1. First: good job on your ADLs!

    Second (tough love bit): Give that voice in your head a smack! You can’t know how others feel about you. You suspect but you don’t know.

    When you give a vague invitation the person may actually think that you don’t want to hang out with them but feel awkward saying that so you throw out a possible future event. If you don’t feel like someone wants to hang out with you, would you invite them?

    So baby steps: next time there is someone you want to hang out with try, “Let’s go to the comedy club this month. When’s good for you?” Ball’s in their court.

    I totally understand feeling like you’re the only one making an effort. I have friends where it feels that way and I give myself a friendship test:
    Does this person make me feel good?
    Do I enjoy seeing them?

    If I say yes to those two I’ll put in more work than they do. If however, the person doesn’t make me feel good and I feel odd after seeing them I don’t work on getting together with them.

    Hope this helps!

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  2. Good point. I am “mind reading”.

    Oh! Yes, that makes sense. I hadn’t considered that, but I could see why people might think that meant I didn’t really want to hang out with them.

    I like that plan! Thanks for the idea!

    Hm, I also like your test. It puts my thoughts in perspective. Extra work can be worth it. I get caught up in thinking if I am the one putting in the extra work, in reality, they don’t like me and only tolerate my presence.


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