Fewer SIB Urges and I’m Bored

I’m bored. Ginny and my inpatient friend aren’t online.

Bored now

I saw Ron kick a female student, but I’m 90% no one recorded it on his data sheet. Also, my boss said to conversationally try to talk Cory into working during class. Today that turned into Heather and Ashley talking to him for a good 25 minutes when he wasn’t really working (he traced a few letters). Those 2 things bugged me, but DIDN’T make me feel like cutting. However, I’ve been consistently restricting. That keeps me emotionally stable because everything feels less important to me.

I ordered pizza and ate until I was full and when I was full, I STOPPED! That is awesome!

I continue forgetting my noon pill.

My mom comes home on Saturday. It looks like I’ll survive. 😉 I’m still anxious about my BCBA class. I need to explore the website and figure out how the internet class format works, but I’m avoiding it.


Edit: Maybe boredom is a good thing? It means I’m capable of boredom instead of ruminating on death in every free moment.



2 thoughts on “Fewer SIB Urges and I’m Bored

  1. Great point on boredom!
    I’m sorry for my absence. It seems I somehow managed to unfollow you. I was a bit too caught up in a stressful week to realize I hadn’t gotten post updates.

    I’m looking forward to ‘catching up.’

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