Attention Seeking

Tonight I hit my head in anger. I didn’t realize it made a mark until my mom asked if I was bit by a bug outside. At first I felt alarmed, but then I realized I don’t completely want it to fade. Part of me wants Ginny to notice it because she will know it is self-injury.

Therefore, I want her concern. I guess I want proof she cares about me. I don’t want to bother her or scare her, but I want her to care. I’m not sure how to deal with this motivation. I know the answer is getting attention through positive means. Yet, concern is a specific emotion!

How do you know someone cares about you, without being sick?


5 thoughts on “Attention Seeking

  1. Have you read/ heard about love languages? I suspect this might be a good read for you . It details the different ways people show and receive love which can help you recognize other ways to see Ginny ‘s care.

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