My ED is Better than your Diet


A co-worker keeps posting about her diet and exercise. I can lose that much weight! I want praise too!

In the time it took me to edit the picture, she has 8 comments and 27 *likes* INCLUDING Ginny and Iris!!

Buffy_angry willow



2 thoughts on “My ED is Better than your Diet

  1. Um 15 pounds in 2 weeks isn’t praise worthy, it’s concerning! 2 pounds a week is healthy weight loss, how big was this person?

    I’m with willow though I think I’m of many diets as fitness approved EDs.

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    • Yeah, I know! Which is why I HATE that so many people responded positively! Of course, I said nothing, but it still irks me. She is obese, but not morbidly obese.

      Yes, most definitely! I often see people eating in an unsustainable manner to lose weight. If I engaged in the same behavior, it would be called eating disordered behavior.

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