The Procrastination Begins

It didn’t take long for me to start procrastinating. I hope I’m only lazy because I slept fitfully last night. I need to manage my time! I can’t fall behind and get overwhelmed yet!! If I fall apart this early, I’ll never make it.

Work was okay. I wanted to cut a few times because my boss experimented with John’s plan. I think they aren’t giving the new yelling area a fair try. They’re continuing to move backwards. I didn’t eat lunch. I am weak. My mom is out tonight and I ate 4 cookies. Before eating stupid chocolate chip cookies, I hadn’t eaten in over 24 hours. I am a failure.

Last night I wanted to cut on my way home and with horror, I realized I wanted to cut because I was anxious about sitting down for a meal with my mom. I hadn’t eaten a proper meal with anyone for a week and a half.


Edit: I ended up working and it is a good thing because some of it was due today! I figured it was due before the class meeting. It is also good I ate those stupid cookies because it will make eating with the group easier.


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