Car Accident and NO Behaviors

happiness is not the absence if problems it is the ability to deal with them.png

I had an accident in my grandma’s car. I still feel awful about it!! However, I did NOT cut or binge or purge. Last night I started reading a DBT workbook I bought. It was well timed. The first skill is radical acceptance, where you admit that you can’t change the past and the future is not now (Therefore, don’t fixate on it.). I kept repeating that hurting myself wouldn’t fix the problem. I also feel guilty and I think I deserve injury. However, I fought that thought with, “Maybe you do, but would Grandma want you to hurt yourself? Would that make her happier?”

I did restrict, but I think I would’ve restricted anyway. I did catch myself scratching, but I caught it and stopped before I broke the skin. I’m amazed by myself.

This is the workbook:



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