Worried about Weight and Friends

I clarified what I’m looking for when I seek concern from others. I believe I want to know I am WANTED. I don’t have this issue with family, but I’m secure they want me around.

I decided I’m searching for acceptance because Ginny replied to a long message from me with one sentence. She said she was “out” and would reply in depth later. I said “Ok” and she saw that message a few hours later, but never replied. As a result, on my drive to work, I wondered if she was still my friend or if she was pulling away in preparation for supervising me. Perhaps she thinks we can’t be friends if she is going to supervise me. After asking myself that question, I realized its absurdity! While she might be pulling away, I can’t logically make that conclusion from one message reply!! Regardless, I’m not messaging her unless she sends me a message first because I feel like I bother her and I don’t want to bug her.

My day was good. I worked with Gage again. He had a tough day. I’ve eaten lunch two days in a row, but this morning my mom asked if I was “having eating problems again.” At first, I said no. Then she looked at me and replied, “Don’t lie to me. No one in this world cares more about you.” Consequently, I admitted I was struggling a little bit. She is also worried about my weight. However, she admitted I lose weight in my face first.



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