isolation gives our problems a cold dark place to grow.png

I scored 100% on my first graduate school test! 😀

I went bowling with Ginny and her daughter earlier today. Her daughter asked if I wanted to join them while Ginny picked up her running gear. I said I had a test later and I needed to study. Ginny laughed and said text her my perfect score later!

I initiated the bowling! I asked Ginny what she was doing today and she knew what I meant. I felt so forward… but I decided if she didn’t want to do something, she could always say she is busy.

I had some over thinking issues. I worried restricting would negatively effect her daughter, but with Ginny’s rational thought, I realized there was no social expectation for eating outside of meal times. Therefore, her daughter wouldn’t think twice about me not eating.

I’m below my maintenance weight from inpatient treatment in high school. On one hand, I’m excited! On the other hand, I’m anxious thinking about my mom and Ginny’s worry and potential confrontation. Hm, it appears worry and concern are not equal in my mind. I guess worry is upsetting, but concern isn’t? Therefore, I feel guilty and anxious for causing worry, but not concern?

My grandma’s car is still in the shop and she needs it tomorrow! Uh oh! I offered to drive her wherever she needs to go tomorrow. Nonetheless, I still feel guilty.


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