Impulse Control WIN!





That was my reaction when Ginny said she promised her daughter she wouldn’t be online from 6 -9 on week nights. Followed quickly by cutting urges from intropunitive anger, self-blame, and guilt for selfishness… But then, I picked up my puppy, hugged her, and said the right (and true) words about spending time with kids.

Decisions, decisions for tomorrow at lunch. She wants to eat quickly (read: alone). The OT therapist said she likes Heather more. Okay, that isn’t literally what she said. She said Heather was hilarious, while making fun of me (good naturedly).

We’re to the point at home that my mom is buying food she knows I like, leaving it out, and tearing off the nutrition labels.

Fuck Food.

Wow! In the time it took to write this, I calmed down without behavior and clarified what Ginny meant about lunch. She DOES want to eat quickly, but wants me to go. I even feel calm about her new technology rule. I have school to occupy my time and here to vent about work. 😉

stop trying to stop the storm, stay calm, it will pass.png


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