Idiot Adults

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I worked with Ron today. This is the 2nd time I’ve worked with him. He is adorable! However, he is also a bit of a bully. He and Gage do NOT get along! They both want attention; they’re both cute and they know it. Ron had a pretty good day. He had lot of non-compliance, but no aggression or safety issues.

Interestingly, both he and Gage have touch issues. Does anyone know if that is a Down Syndrome thing or coincidental?

Gage licked a co-worker’s bust and Ron spontaneously hugged me and said, “Boobies!” He is as tall as my chest.

My co-workers laughed, but I was annoyed (at my co-workers! Not the kids). Is the situation funny if we think of it in a vacuum? Sure, but it is NOT funny. If they touch other kids, like Gage tried to do last week , or go out into the community and inappropriately touch strangers, they’ll get hurt.

I thought one kid who has never had “real” behaviors (he often refuses work, but he has never thrown dangerous thing, aggressed, or tried to run out of the building) was going to throw a desk today. He lifted his desk off the ground. The classroom supervisor told him he needed to have all 4 feet of the desk on the ground. A minute later, I look over and he lifted the desk again. I said the same thing as the classroom supervisor. He replied, “But I’m not doing the same thing.” After I explained that it didn’t matter, all 4 feet of the desk need to stay on the ground, he put his head down for the rest of the class period.

The other classrooms were a mess. The student who left the property a few weeks ago, almost eloped again today. It sucks SO MUCH because he is a smart, kind kid and he should be in his home district based on the frequency of his behaviors, but every time something serious happens his chances vanish. Another student in his room sounded like he was going off. I saw his staff outside the Quiet Room. John screamed a lot. He threw a coping skill (a spikey plastic ball) once, but every time he walked to the Calm Down Room to cope, instead of hitting (or biting, throwing things at people, choking, hair pulling, etc.).

It was a strange afternoon!

My boss tried to get me to eat by offering candy, sweets are my weakness and she knows it! However, my Invisalign provides the perfect excuse. I already put it back in (I took it out to drink Diet Coke) and it is a pain to rinse.

Also, I SUCCESSFULLY said NOTHING about weight loss! 🙂


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