People have a tendency to leave

Still having SIB urges over Ginny leaving. I had urges as soon as I woke up.

I’m proud of myself for not expressing all my angst and urges to Ginny last night. She was very stressed out for multiple reasons, not all of which are work related. So, I did a good job of focusing on her and not freaking out on her.

Furthermore, I didn’t cut, binge, purge, or restrict, even though I wanted to do all those things. Last night, this blog successfully served its main purpose!


I’m still leaning toward water fasting while I house sit next week. Part of me is worried Ginny will withdraw from me again like she did when I fasted on the winery weekend. Another part of me, says that she (like everyone) will not keep in touch once she leaves work, even though she’ll be in town, and therefore I shouldn’t care.


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