Test Grade Anxiety

the only too you are is too critical of yourself.jpg

I want to cut because I earned a 97% on my 4th graduate school test. I also earned a 97% on the last one. I got 100s on the first two exams.

I realized “wanting to cut” is not an emotion.

I guess I feel… disappointed with the grade and disappointed in myself. I’m mad at myself; I procrastinated horribly the past 2 weeks. I know I can do better. I think I’m also upset because if I was smart enough, I wouldn’t have to study more than the day of the test.


4 thoughts on “Test Grade Anxiety

  1. This right here is the problem with mental illness. I bet there are folks who didn’t procrastinate yet didn’t do as well as you. But the illness tells us these lies.

    You are smart and I’m proud of you for going after things even when the illness is cruel to you.

    PS what’s considered a passing/a good grade?

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