Quiet Rooms and Playgrounds

Work has been good lately! I’m doing well accepting things I can’t control, even when I disagree with decisions. I’m still uneasy about the promotion, but I feel trapped now. Therefore, I’ll try it and hope it works out. I still freaking out over the potluck tomorrow. But I took youmeanme’s advice and planned 3 things I think I can handle.

The kids are mostly doing well. Gage was adorable yesterday and today! I didn’t work with him either day, however, I was in his classroom during the kids’ lunch. Yesterday he was on break and my student played baseball for his break. Gage sees me, walks over to the bin of gym equipment, grabs a basketball, tosses it at me, and says, “Come on”! We shoot baskets a lot when I work with him. 🙂 Later, during his lunch period, he was unusually subdued and laid on the floor without eating. About halfway through lunch, he sits up and plops down on a bean bag. Then he looks at me and pats the bean bag next to his. I prompted him, “If you want me to sit next to you, you can say, ‘Sit here please.'” He said it and I chilled out with him for the rest of lunch. Today I was in his room during lunch again. During the first 10 minutes of recess, we went outside. He sits down on a swing and I ask if I can swing with him. He said yes. I wasn’t really swinging because I needed to be ready to jump off if someone was in crisis. Apparently, Gage thought I needed help! He got off his swing and pushed me a few times, saying, “Wee! Awesome! So high! Gage!” It was cute!

I was with Cory today and David yesterday. David threw furniture both days. However, he WALKED himself to the quiet room, which is great progress!


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