Too Honest

Supernatural_Dean_run form what is inside you

Damn me! I just told Ginny some things I did from 13 – 18 years old that I’ve told no one other than therapists. I got kicked out of middle school for propositioning online. I went a told her the whole freaking story. I don’t know why! Damn it!! She said she’ll never judge me (unless I murder someone), but I’m scared she thinks differently of me. I think differently of me when I think about it. I’m sad, scared, anxious, worried, and afraid I damaged a friendship. Sure she’ll be nice, but will she trust me or think well of me? After all, the last time I tried, I was 18. It would be different if I was 13 the last time I acted like a whore. I never actually exchanged money for sex, but I tried, multiple times. My parents had a key logger on the family computer.

I want to cut right now. I want to peel my skin off. I am a bad person; I had no need for money.


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