Too Serious?

I got a BCBA job!! I’ll have to try balancing  because I need rapport with parents and RBTs.

Ginny recently told me I need to be less intense. Her first suggestion was to smile more and then talk to co-workers about something other than work.

I need to move to season 3 😉

quicker with a smile

When I first arrived here for my practicum, I tried opening up in a positive way, but it waned over time. I struggle with balance. Ginny knows more than she really needs to! I’ve at least been successful on that front (not over sharing irl 😉 ). I’m participating in feeding training research. The point is to se which methods of training parents and caregivers is the most efficient. I told the PI I was fascinated by feeding treatment because I had an eating disorder in high school. However, I didn’t go into detail. That disclosure led to a neat conversation about current research on ARFID, AN, and BN.

How do you create positive working relationships with others?


If you want to change the world…

Mother Teresa Love Your Family Quote Inspirational Quotes If You Want To Change The World, Go Home And

2 more months of school and 3 more months until I am home for good! I have a job lined up. I still have a mountain of work separating me from the finish line, but it is conquerable. I’m home for the weekend, visiting my almost 16 year old dog. I’m not perfect and my family isn’t perfect, but I love them fiercely.  I love their compassion for her, soaking her paws twice a day, after she injured herself by pacing all night. I appreciate their patience with me ❤

This quote spoke to me because I’m reading a parenting book for a class and it hammers home the idea that the family is where nurturing, education, empathy, and resilience begin.