Silver Hill Hospital

Has anyone with an eating disorder gone there this year or in 2016? The recently (sometime in 2015, but Idk when) opened a ED residential house and specifically mentioned sending some ED patients who needed “extra help” for motivation or weight gain to their inpatient acute care unit.

Do they ever use NG tubes or NJ tubes at Silver Hill Hospital?

I can’t find the answer anywhere!! I asked them online and they wouldn’t tell me; they said to call.

Anorexia and Euthanasia or Right to Die

Judgments, like the one in New Jersey, allowing “the right to die” for nutritionally compromised eating disorder patients scare the hell out of me. They also make me sad and angry.

I liked this rebuttal: There is No Such Thing As Late Terminal Anorexia Nervosa 

And the following comments on the original article I linked to: