Suicide Attempt Anniversary

I just realized, for the first time in 10 years, the anniversary of my last suicide attempt past without notice (December 23, 2006). I guess my inattention is a good thing? It means I’m not focused on that moment in the past?


Bullying and Car Crashes

guilt and worry cant change anything.jpg

My psychiatrist is worried about my weight. Also, he doesn’t believe that my car accident was an accident. I talked about urges to crash into concrete dividing walls or trees as a means of suicide. I wouldn’t believe me either.

Work was good. I worked with Gage, the preteen with Down Syndrome, he was his usual cute, stubborn self. His morning was wonderful. Then the poor kid was antagonized all afternoon! Ron stared at him and said mean things, John screamed at Gage to stop looking at him, and Cory imitated his noises. Understandably, he ended up having aggression.  We’re problem solving how to better deal with bullying moving forward. It is a conundrum because none of the students are typical. Do you have any ideas?

I ate a normal lunch, but no one who would care was there to see it.

Class went well yesterday. I was extremely anxious before the class, but once it started, I felt better. We only talked about how the class and online format works. I feel more at ease with it.